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What kind of electric forklift is the ideal forklift?

Date: 2022-06-22 View:

 What kind of electric forklift is the ideal forklift?

Today, electric forklifts have become the logistics equipment for customers and friends in the industry, and the market share of manual forklifts and internal combustion forklifts is gradually declining. Due to people's in-depth understanding of the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, electric forklifts will become the most popular material equipment in the new century. So, what kind of electric forklift is the ideal forklift? High performance and high reliability. For customers, the accessories of the electric forklift are the most critical part. In order to ensure the performance of the entire product, high-quality accessories can guarantee the entire product. The performance of the product, the AC drive system makes the electric forklift respond faster, control more precisely, and run more smoothly.

The AC drive motor provides stronger power, and continues to maintain high-speed operation under full load, with more than 8% full-load climbing ability, making the operation wider and more efficient. The AC controller has reliable quality and excellent performance. It has functions such as regenerative braking, reverse braking and parameter adjustment, so that the vehicle's motion performance under different working conditions can reach the best state. First-class hydraulic station, low noise, small vibration, good sealing performance, automatic adjustment of no-load and full-load descending speed to ensure stable and reliable lifting. The high-strength body design of the electric forklift is suitable for high-strength workplaces and has a long service life.

The safety factor is high. All mechanical materials and equipment must make a difference in safety design. Otherwise, it will be difficult to develop in the long run. Electric forklifts are no exception. Safety is the most important thing in this equipment. The high-quality electronic control system is responsive and easy to control. Heavy-duty design, compact structure, suitable for small spaces. Large-capacity battery ensures long-term work. Imported hydraulic pump station makes the goods lift smoothly and powerfully. Low voltage protection function to protect the battery and prolong the service life. Easy to operate, the easier the electric forklift is to operate, the more favored by customers and friends. Due to the advantages of easy operation, simplicity and high efficiency, electric trucks are quickly sold in the market. The handle head of the ergonomic design of the electric forklift is beautiful and simple, and all the operation functions can be easily realized with a simple button on the handle. The ergonomically designed control handle of the electric forklift is convenient for left and right hand operation and improves driving comfort. The longer joystick greatly reduces the steering effort and makes the maneuvering easier. The steering angle of the handle is greater than 180 degrees, and the body of the whole vehicle is shorter, which makes the turning radius of the vehicle smaller and increases the flexibility of operation. Slow travel function, the handle is in a nearly vertical state, and the travel speed will be automatically reduced, which is convenient for precise work in narrow spaces.

Easy to maintain, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and let customers worry and rest assured. It's also easier to use. AC drive motor, no carbon brushes, basically no maintenance, greatly reducing maintenance costs. The controller self-diagnosis system displays the fault code through the hand-held unit, which is more convenient to solve the fault. A timer and a power meter are standard to remind the operator to charge at the right time. The disassembly and assembly of the car body itself is fast and convenient. Only 2 bolts are removed to remove the rear cover. The main key components can be inspected and maintained immediately, and every part of the car can be replaced in the shortest time. The battery box cover is easy to open, which is convenient for replenishing the battery with distilled water or electrolyte. The use of the vertical motor makes the detection and maintenance of the motor, brake, etc. directly convenient, and the maintenance performance is much better than that of the horizontal motor.

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