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How many steps does a qualified electric reach forklift maintenance take?

Date: 2022-06-24 View:

 How many steps does a qualified electric reach forklift maintenance take?
With the continuous development of society, people are paying more and more attention to their own health, and physical examination is becoming more and more important in daily life. Physical examination can timely find the health risks or existing health problems, and improve the way of life to promote health.This is true for people, as it is for forklifts. Regular maintenance can not only maintain the good running state of forklift, but also prevent the occurrence of faults in advance.What is the complete forklift maintenance process?

1. Visually inspect the appearance of the forklift to see if there is any damage;

2. Conduct driving test and all function check on forklift truck;

3. Move the forklift to the maintenance area on the horizontal ground;

4. Complete the hazard control process: listing and locking process, wheel blocking process and capacitor discharge process;

5. Remove all cover plates of the forklift truck;

6. Clean the whole forklift with low pressure air;
7. Clean floor dust;
8. Tighten/adjust/lubricate/inspect all forklift parts and install all cover plates;

9. Clean the forklift;

10. Organize tools and clean maintenance areas;

11. Remove wheel stopper/gantry support block, lock and hang device and connect battery;

12. Test the forklift again to make sure it is working properly.

In today's increasingly uncertain warehouse operation, it is crucial to keep forklifts in good working condition. Proper maintenance helps ensure that forklifts operate as intended, thereby improving operational efficiency and employee safety.