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High Quality MJ20SQC 2ton articulated forklift with Wheel Base 1759mm

Date: 2022-06-30 View:

Innovative Factory Supply Articulated Forklift Rated Capacity 2ton with Solid Rubber tires

The new MJ series articulated forklift has a load of 2 tons and a maximum lifting capacity of 12.5m, Adopting front single drive mechanical differential bridge design, maintenance free full AC configuration, large speed ratio gearbox provides guarantee for greater climbing and difficulty relief, mainly to meet customers' demand of efficiency priority, medium and heavy duty working conditions, pursuing high lifting speed, high driving speed, large capacity battery, excellent ergonomics, easy operation, safety and performance.

When you need extra warehouse space, you have two options: expand your existing facilities or move. But if you have a Mima articulated forklift, you have a third option. Increase the storage capacity of the warehouse by optimizing your shelf layout and reducing the aisle width to 2.0 meters. In addition, when designing new facilities or warehouses, narrow lane shelves are also ideal choices, which can maximize the available space and improve the storage capacity.

Product Parameters
Power type
Driving style
Rated load kg 2000
Load center distance mm 600
Front suspension mm 320
Wheelbase mm 1759
Weight(with battery) kg 6800
Tyre type
Solid rubber tire
Load bearing wheel mm 457*178
Deive wheel mm 415*178
Number of wheels F/R(x=drive wheel) 2x/2
Track width, drive side mm 800
Track width, load-bearing side mm 1090