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Multi-function Rated Capacity 8000kg Lithium Battery Forklift with Load center 600mm

Date: 2022-06-29 View:

Innovative Factory Supply FB80 rated capacity 8t Lithium Battery with Load Center 600mm

Design a reasonable full-enclosed dashboard covering parts, improve the internal parts protection capabilities at the same time, the driver's station clean, beautiful; Ergonomic operating space layout, right hydraulic joystick and safety power-off switch, flat foot plate layout, for the operator to create a comfortable driving experience.

The adjustable front and rear clad seats (with an adjustment range of up to 150mm) and the ergonomically designed adjustable steering wheel provide the right driving position for drivers of all sizes.

Large space storage box, can effectively store water cups, documents and tools and other carry-on items, for the operator to improve convenience.

Product parameters
Rated Load  kg 8000
Load Center mm 600
Lifting Height mm 3000
Fork Size mm 1220*150*70
Mast Tilt Angle ° 6/10
Turning Radius mm 3350
Minimum right angle stacking channel width
mm 5460
The minimum right-angle channel width
mm 3550
Minimum ground clearance
mm 200
Overall Length (No fork) mm 3780
Overall Width mm 2200
Mast Extended Height mm 4400
Mast Height mm 2600
Min. Ground Clearance mm 200


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