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Multi-function Rated Capacity 12ton FB120 Lithium Battery Forklift with

Date: 2022-06-30 View:

Big Tonnage Lithium Battery Forklift FB120 Rated Capacity 12ton with Load Center 600mm

Driving system u The use of Minnan drive motor, advanced dual-motor drive unit, can maximize the climbing and driving performance of the whole vehicle, torque, more powerful; The use of new maintenance-free AC motor, high transmission efficiency, low maintenance and maintenance costs;

Kessler imported bridge box all-in-one high-performance drive system, compact structure, quality assurance, higher transmission efficiency;Transmission's unique wet disc brake system, half of its friction plate immersed in gear oil, with a large braking moment, long service life, strong anti-recession ability, maintenance-free and other excellent characteristics.

Product Parameter
Rated Load
Load Center kg 12000
Lifting Height mm 3000
Fork Size mm 1220*175*85
Mast Tilt Angle ° 6/10
Turning Radius mm 3850
Min. Righ angle stacking channel with mm 5960
The minimum right-angle channel width
mm 4050
Minimum ground clearance
mm 230
Max. travel speed (unladen)
km/h 14
Max. lifting speed (Laden)
mm/s 280
Max. climbing ability
% 10
Overall Length (No Fork) mm 4415
Overall Width mm 2250
Mast Extended Height mm 4260


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