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Reasons and solutions for the failure of the fuel gauge of diesel forklift trucks

Date: 2022-06-30 View:

 Reasons and solutions for the failure of the fuel gauge of diesel forklift trucks

Forklift fuel gauge failure is common in internal combustion forklifts that have been used for a certain number of years. Years of sun and rain have caused forklift sensors to malfunction!

1. Forklift fuel gauge oil needle cannot move

No matter how much gasoline is added, the fuel gauge will always read "0", or the forklift needle does not move when the ignition is turned on. The reasons are: the fuel gauge power cord or the sensor between the fuel gauge and the wiring iron; the welded joint of the coil is disconnected, poorly connected or burned, causing the circuit to not work; the fuel gauge after wiring is reversed.

2. Forklift fuel gauge counts inaccurate

It may be the reason of the loose wiring, or the fault of poor grounding or poor sensor resistance. First, check the wiring and grounding, and then use the component exchange and comparison method to judge whether the old part is faulty, so as to determine whether to repair or replace it.

3. Forklift fuel gauge counts higher than normal

The fuel gauge always reads "1" or high, regardless of the amount of oil. The reason is that the sliding piece of the sensor is broken by the wire, and the contact between the sliding piece and the variable resistor is interrupted. In the above case, the resistance of the line will be large regardless of the position of the float, similar to the situation where the float is rising and the variable resistor is connected to the line, so the reading is always "1" or higher.

Forklift fuel gauge failure

When the variable resistance wire is burned out, a wire-wrapped nickel-chromium alloy wire with a diameter of 0.2mm can be used for simulation. When simulating, its resistance value and connection should be the same as the original. After the repair, the test should be carried out using the above method, and after it is proved correct, it should be repaired. When the fuel gauge coil is damaged, it can be simulated with paint wire with a diameter of about 0.132mm. When copying, it should be noted that the winding direction, number of turns, resistance and connection method of the coil are the same as the original coil. The number of turns of the left and right coils is different, and the winding direction is also different, so they cannot be interchanged. After repair, it must also go through the above inspection.

Forklift Fuel Sensor

The oil gauge and water temperature of the forklift are abnormal. What's the matter?

If the water temperature gauge is full, the water temperature sensor is broken or the circuit is faulty.
If the oil temperature gauge is full, the oil temperature sensor is broken or the wiring is faulty.

The fault of the fuel gauge is mainly to check the sensor. The forklift fuel gauge is rich in functions and advanced in functions. It can display the amount of oil in the forklift tank in real time, telling the owner exactly how much oil is consumed and how much storage is left in the tank. From what the fuel gauge shows, the vehicle owner also determines if fuel is needed or how many miles to travel. The fuel gauge acts as a warning light for the life of the vehicle. A fuel gauge is an indicator of the amount of fuel that can be displayed on the engine, either with a pointer or a digital display. Therefore, the current fuel gauge of forklift trucks is divided into two types: digital display fuel gauge and pointer fuel display gauge. These data show that most of the inside of the fuel gauge is equipped with an LED display for easy viewing. The fuel gauge has six functions. Each of these six functions is short. Otherwise, it is difficult for the forklift driver to control the forklift. The fuel gauge can show the fuel remaining in the tank to determine if it needs to be refueled. If refueling is required, the fuel gauge can also show exactly how much fuel is being added each time. The invention not only has the function of scale, but also can more accurately display the fuel consumption value of the forklift, the fuel consumption of the forklift, and whether it is fuel-saving or not. The fuel gauge also alerts the owner of the amount of fuel remaining. If the vehicle owner does not refuel in time, the vehicle fuel gauge has an oil level alarm function once the fuel storage falls below a certain value. In addition, the forklift fuel gauge can even display the forklift odometer and can store real-time measurement data for three months for data management.

Repair and adjustment of forklift oil gauge

The common faults of forklift oil meters are that the reading is too large, too small or the pointer does not move. The former can be adjusted and calibrated, and the latter is generally due to damage to the heating coil or ablation of the contacts, which should be repaired.

Which parts of the oil gauge need to be adjusted can be checked by comparison. If the measured resistance value is lower than the specified value, there is a short circuit fault; if the resistance meter needle does not move, there is an open circuit. However, when measuring the M-type sensor, sometimes the internal contact is not good, so you can insert a flat wire from the nozzle and press the diaphragm hard to close the contact, and then measure.