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Innovative Newest Design 3ton FB30 Lithium Battery with Load Center 500mm

Date: 2022-07-05 View:

Excellent Quality High Voltage Lithium Battery Rated Capacity 3000kg FB30 with Lifting Height 3000mm

FLIFT Brand S-series 3-3.5 ton lithium battery counterbalanced forklift is based on the S-series internal combustion counterbalanced forklift truck, combined with the latest lithium battery forklift technology. It is designed and manufactured with integrated electric drive system, dual-mode driving system and high voltage system.

It is widely used in factories and mines, warehouses, stations, ports, airports, freight yards, circulation centers and distribution centers, etc., and can enter cabins, carriages and containers to load and unload and stack finished parts, packages, pallets, and containers , Destacking, short-distance handling and other operations. The truck can replace traditional internal combustion forklifts for efficient operations, without exhaust gas pollution, and is environmentally friendly and clean.

The electrical system adopts a 153.6V high-voltage system, and uses high-voltage and low-current technology to reduce energy consumption and improve endurance;
The dual-mode driving system is divided into standard mode and power mode, and customers can switch freely according to different working conditions;
The integrated electric drive system has the advantages of compact structure, low operating noise and high transmission efficiency.

Product Parameters
Power type
Lithium Batery
Rated Capacity kg 3000
Load Center mm 500
Service Weight kg 4320
Fork Size mm 1070*125*45
Mast Tilt angle Deg 6/12
Lift Height mm 3000
Mast Lowered Height mm 2115
Free Lift Height mm 125
Mast Extended Height mm 4180
Backrest Height mm 1150
Fork Spread mm 250-1100
Length to face of fork mm 2740
Overall Width mm 1225


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