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What are the benefits of installing a sideshifter on a forklift?

Date: 2022-07-06 View:

 What are the benefits of installing a sideshifter on a forklift?

With the rapid development of the national economy, the demand for forklifts is increasing day by day. In order to improve operation efficiency, users have higher and higher requirements for the use of forklifts, especially more and more users who require various attachments to be installed on forklifts. A side shifter is a common forklift attachment. Here is a brief introduction to what a forklift side shifter is.

Generally, there are two types of side shifters configured on forklift trucks. One side shift device is integrated with the fork frame (that is, an integral type), and the sliding device is a guide column type, that is, a sleeve is added to the fixed shaft. The sleeve and the side shifting frame are welded together to slide back and forth on the fixed shaft together. Sideshift cylinders are also single-acting cylinders only. The other side shifter is a split type, the structure of the side shifter is simple, and the installation and maintenance are convenient. When installing, just hang the side shifter on the existing standard fork frame and it can be used. If the side shifter fails, just remove it and hang the fork on the standard fork frame, and the forklift can be used as usual. The side shifter allows the left and right lateral side shifts of the goods on the fork to be generally divided into 50mm, 100mm and 150mm, which facilitates the insertion and stacking of goods, greatly improves the flexibility and handling efficiency of the forklift, and is suitable for forklift handling and stacking. Various workplaces.

Structural features of the side shifter:

1. Excellent field of vision: The cylinder and the hanger are integrated into one integral part, which takes up less space and greatly improves the field of vision of the sideshifter.

2. Quick and convenient installation: No need for welding and drilling, etc. for installation. Attach the sideshifter directly to the fork lift truck.

3. Uniform sideshift speed: The double-headed piston rod cylinder is used to make the sideshifter's left and right sideshift speed more uniform.

4. High-pressure oil cylinder: It can work normally under the action of 250Bar system pressure, and there is no need to configure a pressure reducing valve.

5. Long-life upper sliding bearing: Cast copper upper sliding bearing is used, which is more wear-resistant under normal maintenance, has higher strength and toughness, and has a longer life.