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What should be paid attention to when unloading with electric forklift?

Date: 2022-07-12 View:

 What should be paid attention to when unloading with electric forklift?

The main purpose of electric forklifts is to transport goods, but before transporting goods, operators must pay attention to many aspects, such as the placement of goods when loading and unloading, because we all know that if there is a problem with the placement of goods, most of them will appear. security issues. But in addition, our staff should pay attention to many aspects. Next, let's take a look at what problems need to be paid attention to when loading and unloading. I hope that the majority of drivers and friends can study hard.

When the electric storage forklift is in operation, no one is allowed to stand on the forklift. Moreover, when using a fork to fork the goods, the driver should pay attention that the fork tip should not touch other goods or objects, so as to avoid damage to the goods. The correct opening method should be to fork the forks as deep as possible under the goods, and then adjust the distance between the two forks to load the goods according to the requirements, so that the load of the two forks is balanced and should not be skewed.

When running, the electric storage forklift must be braked with the brake, and the forklift must be loaded and unloaded. It is not allowed to use the brake inertia to slip the items. When the load is lowered, the gantry is slightly tilted forward, which is convenient for placing the goods and pulling out the forks. Use a small gantry to tilt back to stabilize the cargo so that the cargo does not slide backwards. It is recommended to put a rack on one side of the goods. The weight of the electric storage forklift truck should meet the requirements of the load center curve sign, and overloading is strictly prohibited.

In addition, we also remind everyone not to use a single fork operation, which will affect the stability of the cargo placement; it is not allowed to directly fork the cargo on the dock shore, and it is forbidden to pick up the cargo at high speed and use the fork to collide with hard objects, so as not to damage the electric motor Warehousing forklifts.

Whenever, in order to avoid the accident of falling from a height, it is not allowed to lift the staff to work at a high place, so as to avoid the staff standing around the fork and the goods falling and hurting people. When the fork is approaching or evacuating the item, slow down the speed and travel smoothly. During this process, be careful not to crush the pads on the wheels, so as not to stretch the crushed objects and hurt people. The height of the objects in the electric forklift should not block the sight of the driver to avoid danger.

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