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The advantage of Electric Forklift

Date: 2022-07-20 View:

The general trend -- the rise of electric forklifts is an inevitable trend

1. No harm to people and goods. For electric forklifts, not only will no exhaust gas be produced, but the operation will be smoother. It also has the advantages of ultra-low noise and ultra-low vibration.
2. Low operating cost With the growth of international oil prices, the operating cost of electric forklifts is lower than that of fuel forklifts. Electric forklifts have a long service life.

3. Automatic power-off function: When the forklift is out of use for more than 10 minutes, whether the key switch is off or not, the power switch can be automatically cut off. This makes it possible, even if the operator forgets to
Remember to turn off the key switch to avoid unnecessary power loss.

4. Battery compatibility: Each brand of electric forklift batteries are compatible with each other, so the original battery can still be used, so that each component can maintain a long service life.
5. Low maintenance cost: Current electric forklifts all use AC motors, which do not require carbon brushes. The reduction of contacts can effectively reduce the maintenance cost of electronic components. Electric forklifts are more economical because there is no need to replace electronically vulnerable parts.

2.5ton Battery Parameters
Power Type
Rated Capacity KG 2500
Load Centre mm 500
Lift Height mm 3000
Fork Size mm 1070*120*40
Mast Tilt Angle Deg 6°/12°
Front Overhang (Wheel Center to fork face) mm 465
Tread mm 960/950
Ground Clearance (Bottom of mast) mm 110
Fork Spread mm 240/1020
Length to face of fork(Without fork) mm 2360
Overall Width mm 1160
Mast Lowered Height mm 2070
Mast Extended Height(With backrest) mm 4020


The Video of Battery forklift