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Short Forklift Short Wheel Base 2500kg 2.5 Ton Lpg Forklift With US EPA Engine

Date: 2022-07-05 View:

 FLIFT brand 2.5ton LPG gasoline short wheelbase forklift truck for sale

The forklift comes standard with a large diameter panoramic mirror, effectively eliminating the blindness of the blind field and improve the traffic safety.


Adjustable seats (adjust range up to 150mm), and small diameter steering wheel, suitable for different drivers.

Tilt cylinder sink inside to the car body, foot brake suspension structure layout, flat plate design, comfortable and large space driving experience.

Overhead guard heightening design, the roof with high-strength steel plate stamping. The height can meet the requirements of European and American customers.

Short wheelbase design, large corner steering axle, front and rear wheels standard with solid tires, effectively reduce the turning radius.
FLIFT 2.5 ton short wheelbase forklift specification
Rated Capacity kg 2500
Load Centre mm 500
Lift Height mm 3000
Fork Size mm 1070*120*40
Mast Tilt Angle Deg 6°/12°
Front Overhang (Wheel Center to fork face) mm 445
Ground Clearance (Bottom of mast) mm 80
Length to face of fork(Without fork) mm 2355
Overall Width mm 1110
Mast Lowered Height mm 2070
Overhead Guard Height mm 2080
Mast Extended Height(With backrest) mm 4070
Turning Radius(outside) mm 2110
Min. intersecting aisle mm 2316
Max. Gradeability % 20
Wheel Base mm 1400
Service Weight kg 3655

FLIFT forklifts CE certificate:

FLIFT 2.5 ton short wheelbase LPG forklift testing video: