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Good Quantity Electric Pallet Stacker DGX1225 with Storage Battery

Date: 2022-08-04 View:

Easy Operation High Capacity DGX1225 1.2ton 1ton Electric Pallet Stacker Lifting Height 2000m with Customization Service

Compact body design and offset operating handle for tighter workshop and warehouse operations. Adopt permanent magnet brushless drive motor, maintenance-free and easy to operate. Explosion-proof hydraulic group and external charger provide multiple safety guarantees.

External charger reduces damage caused by random vibration of charger. Adjustable auxiliary wheels to avoid the shortcomings of traditional models.The fault light is external, which is convenient for maintenance and judgment. Control system smart codes diagnose faults.

Adopt domestic well-known drive unit and pump station, with stable and reliable performance. Solid PU tires for greater stability and wear resistance.Low voltage automatic protection, intelligent charging device.

Product Parameters
Model   DGX1225
Power Type 
Storage Battery
Rated Capacity kg 1200
Load Center mm 400
Lifting Height mm 2000
Fork Size mm 1080*140*60
Overall Length mm 1730
Overall Width mm 800
Mast Lowered Height mm 2030
Mast Extended Height mm 3250
Min. Turning Radius mm 1410


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