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3.5 ton lithium forklift price high quality China factory directly supply

Date: 2022-07-08 View:

 4 wheel lithium forklift battery operated fork lift small electric forklift 3.5 ton

 Adopt Chinese-made controller, three-phase asynchronous motor, reliable performance.

It adopts internal combustion vehicle chassis, which is strong, durable and has good passability.

The supporting system has high versatility and low vehicle price, low noise, zero emission, green and environmental protection.

The ergonomic all-round operation space layout is optimized to creat a good, comfortable and convenient driving experience for the operator.

Using domestic controller, after professional adjustment, the control of walking and lifting is accurate and efficient, and it has functions such as regenerative braking, ramp braking and fault self-diagnosis.

FLIFT 3.5 ton lithium battery forklift specification
Rated capacity kg 3500
Load centre mm 500
Service weight kg 4400
Front tread mm 1000
Rear tread mm 960
Wheelbase mm 1800
Fork size mm 1070*125*50
Mast tilt angle Deg 6/12
Lift height mm 3000
Mast lowered height mm 2115
Free lift height mm 125
Mast extended height mm 4175
Length to face of fork mm 2781
Overall width mm 1230
Overhead guard height mm 2150
Front overhang mm 481
Rear overhang mm 500
 FLIFT brand forklifts CE approved: