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CE Certification Rough Terrain Stacker Electric Pallet Stacker with AC Motor

Date: 2022-08-05 View:

Chinese Brand FLIFT Rougth Terrain Forklift Electric Pallet Stacker with Lifting Height 1500mm

Ac drive motor, strong climbing force, high strength fork legs, forged fork, high strength forklift special Mast channel steel,Large-capacity maintenance-free battery, built-in special charger, multi-function integrated handle, front wheel solid rubber tire, high-power lifting hydraulic pump station, excellent climbing and passing performance.

Drive stepless speed regulation, safety, mute, controller multiple automatic protection system, emergency reverse anti-collision device,Emergency power off switch forged fork, bend deceleration optional lithium battery, suitable for single/double side tray, provide non-standard customization.

Product Parameters
Dynamic Mode   Electric
Driving Mode   walking type
Rated Capacity kg 1500
Load Center mm 600
Service Weight kg 785
Tires   Solid PU
Traveling Wheel mm 300*80
Bearing Wheel mm 406*110
Overall Height mm 2130
lifting Height mm 1600
Overall Length mm 1960
Overall Width mm 1580
Fork Length mm 1070
Turning Radius mm 1555