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The development of lithium battery forklifts--the general trend

Date: 2022-07-21 View:

The development of lithium battery forklifts--the general trend

In recent years, due to the rise of new energy concepts, lithium battery forklifts were once pushed to the forefront. Due to its environmental protection and energy saving characteristics, it has been favored by many consumers, but it is limited by the popularity of charging equipment and cruising range. Due to the influence of factors such as the wide and uncontrollable driving area, most lithium-ion forklifts are currently only used in commuter forklifts, electric maintenance forklifts, sanitation cleaning forklifts and short-distance buses. However, because many forklifts operate mostly in the factory area, the work intensity and environment are fixed, and the work intensity is generally strong. Therefore, many advantages of lithium batteries can be reflected in electric forklifts.

1. Lithium battery forklifts can effectively reduce logistics costs.
2. Long service life: three times the service life of traditional lead-acid battery forklifts.
3. Cost saving: Lithium battery forklifts save more than 40% of electricity, reduce management costs and save space for battery storage.
4. Maintenance-free: The lithium battery forklift does not need to add water, and there is no pollution such as dripping corrosion.
5. Lithium battery forklifts can improve operational efficiency.
6. The lithium battery forklift has a fast charging mode, and the 1-3 hour fast charging mode is suitable for multi-shift operations and saves time.
7. The lithium battery can be charged and used immediately, eliminating the time and safety risks of replacing the battery.
8. The lithium battery forklift is more powerful and can completely replace the internal combustion forklift.
9. Lithium battery forklift technology monitors the status of forklifts and batteries, and improves the management level of forklifts.
10. More environmental protection, energy saving, no pollution, no corrosion, no lead.
11. High-tech, more advanced, representing the direction of industrial development.


To sum up, compared with traditional lead-acid battery forklifts, lithium battery forklifts have unparalleled advantages, which will be the general trend. The rapid development of the logistics industry requires a forklift that has a short charging time, a long usage time, stable performance, can withstand high-intensity operations, and has a high degree of automation and intelligence.