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Correct maintenance method of diesel forklift clutch

Date: 2022-08-17 View:

Correct maintenance method of diesel forklift clutch

Generally speaking, the separation bearing of the forklift clutch works very frequently, and the number of its damage accounts for a large proportion of the forklift fault. If the driver operates well and maintains timely, the bearing can be used for about 3 months, but it must be replaced in the middle repair. If the driver's technical level is low, the forklift truck driven almost every month has separation bearing damage, damage will also damage other parts, such as separation lever and clutch plate. Clutch separation bearing easy to damage the cause of where? In practical experience, although the company has strictly required the driver to give the separation bearing a drip of oil every day, this is not only cumbersome operation, but also the bearing is often damaged. According to the analysis, because the high temperature of the engine is transmitted to the separation bearing, and the high-speed rotation of the bearing will also produce high temperature, under such conditions, the lubricating oil is difficult to remain in the bearing, the bearing works continuously under high temperature, and because of the poor lubrication conditions, the separation bearing is easy to be frequently damaged.

According to the above question, also tried to put bearing grease inside heating, to penetrate the bearing grease, after this treatment, can full of bearing grease, but the grease structure damage after high temperature treatment, its performance is greatly reduced, using this method the effect is not very ideal, the service life of bearing is not be prolonged. We have also used a butter gun with a tip to butter the separation bearing directly. And then installed on the car, after observation and detection, the service life of the bearing is greatly extended. This method has achieved satisfactory results, but the operation is complicated. Then it explored how to add butter without disintegrating the engine. It was successfully tried on 475C engine, and then on 475C engine, 480 engine and 492 engine, and received good results. After repeated practice, improvement and summing up experience, a relatively simple oiling operation method was finally formed. The specific process is as follows:

One: In engine without disassembly of filling method: first, open the clutch cover, observe the release bearing wear, if confirm there is no damage or wear not overrun, bearing, remove the clutch pedal, adjust the connecting rod shaft pin, make the release bearing and its return to the last position, with a pointed mouth to the hole of the bearing grease gun loaded with butter, until the bearing oil overflow, and then a little twist of bearing, again Oil injection, repeat the above work until a little butter spills around the bearing, then make the bearing rotate, observe the amount of oil, if you feel resistance to the bearing rotation, prove that the bearing has been filled with butter. Then remove the small amount of butter spilled across the separating bearing seat, and reassemble the dowels and clutch cover.

Two: The oil injection method of the engine disassembly exposes the assembly parts of the separation bearing and bearing seat, and refuels the small oil hole below the inner ring of the separation bearing seat with a pointed mouth butter gun. The small editor tells you to rotate the bearing when the bearing has butter overflow, until the bearing has butter overflow around the circle.

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