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What is the working principle of semi-electric stacker?

Date: 2022-07-11 View:

 What is the working principle of semi-electric stacker?

The semi-electric stacker is mostly used for the handling of warehouses and workshops due to its cost-effective advantage. It is a semi-automatic stacker that uses the battery as the power for lifting. The battery stores limited electrical energy and uses it where necessary. Its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The following semi-electric stacker manufacturers will elaborate on the principle.

The semi-electric stacker uses the battery as the source power to drive the lifting motor and the hydraulic system motor to realize the driving and loading and unloading operations. The semi-electric stacker mainly reflects the application of transistor controller in terms of new materials and new processes. The emergence of this technology has greatly improved the performance of the semi-electric stacker. The durability, reliability and applicability of semi-electric stackers have been significantly improved.

The battery of the semi-electric stacker should be paid attention not to lay the battery horizontally. Because, the inside of the battery is generally 22-28% dilute sulfuric acid. When the battery is being discharged, its electrolyte can flood the electrode plates; if there is still a little space left, laying the battery horizontally will expose part of the electrode plates to the air, which will cause great damage to the battery. Generally, the observation hole of the battery or the top of the battery has an exhaust port, so it is easy for the electrolyte to flow out when the battery is placed horizontally.

The fork part of the semi-electric stacker bears the full weight, and undertakes the work of forking, lifting, and lowering the goods. It is one of the important components of the semi-automatic stacker. The inner mast of the semi-automatic stacker is located on the inner side of the outer mast, and the upper beam is equipped with a lifting sprocket. The outer wall of the inner gantry is equipped with longitudinal and lateral rollers, which are used to roll in the outer gantry and reduce the movement resistance.

The lifting chain goes around the lifting sprocket on the inner mast, one end is connected to the forklift, and the other end is fixed on the beam of the outer mast. When the plunger rod of the lifting cylinder is raised, the inner mast and the fork frame of the semi-electric stacker can lift the goods. What the semi-electric stacker supplier wants to explain is that the outer gantry plays a guiding role for the movement of the inner gantry, and the two parallel columns are firmly welded together by the upper beam, the middle beam and the bottom plate. The inner gantry column of the semi-electric stacker is made of trough-shaped, I-shaped or special-shaped steel structure, and the two parallel columns are firmly welded by the upper and lower beams.

Dear customers and friends, after understanding the working principle of the semi-electric stacker, you must construct it according to the material, and put safety first in the arrangement of storage work.