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Electric pallet trucks are widely used in the warehousing and logistics industry

Date: 2022-08-31 View:

 Electric pallet trucks are mostly used in various warehousing and logistics to transport goods, that is to say, we have learned that electric pallet stackers, electric pallet stackers are a kind of widely used in various countries in the world and have great market prospects. Light, medium and small warehousing and logistics industrial vehicles. It takes the battery as the driving force, the DC brushless motor driver, the hydraulic press service center improvement, the joystick centralized control system, and the standing safe driving.

The driving wheel, load wheel and balance wheel of the electric pallet stacker are made of vulcanized rubber/polyester wheel with unique processing technology, which greatly increases the application lead; the shape design of the special car can be used in various narrow safety passages; The operation speed is faster, the bearing capacity is strong, and the work efficiency is greatly improved; the imported stepless speed change computer operating system, the large space traction belt rechargeable battery intelligent rocker: the operator can start the car according to the intelligent password lock. It is easy to control the driving speed. If you need to speed up, you only need to rotate the speed up power switch on the joystick. The greater the rotation, the faster the speed.

Speeding up the working function at the time: If the operator accelerates the driving and turns to a faster speed, the unique working function of the equipment will be fully automatically turned on, and it will take 3-8 seconds to run from the low-speed gear to the high-speed, so as to avoid the damage to people caused by the acceleration too fast. .

Turn off the power brake pedal function: when the rocker is erected, it is the brake pedal. When the handle is pressed down during the actual operation, it is the brake pedal when it is pressed down. When it is downhill, the goods are heavy, and the operator can also use the brake pedal. Brake on the slope to avoid the car going forward and sliding downhill at will, reducing safety accidents.

The use of the electric pallet truck makes the work of the staff more convenient, makes the placement of the goods more stable, and greatly improves the work efficiency of the staff! The electric pallet truck has a delicate appearance, flexible practical operation; low noise , Low pollution, can work in large shopping malls, shopping malls, warehouses, freight stations, production workshops and other places, especially suitable for food, textiles, packaging and printing and other metallurgical industries.