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Precautions for operating high-voltage lithium battery forklifts

Date: 2022-07-08 View:

 Precautions for operating high-voltage lithium battery forklifts

The preparation work before driving the high-voltage lithium-ion forklift is very important. With adequate preparation, work can go smoothly and safety incidents can be avoided. Drivers should wear work clothes in strict accordance with the regulations before using high-voltage lithium battery forklifts. And perform the following technical checks:

1. Check the height and specific gravity of the battery electrolyte. The level of battery electrolyte must not be lower than the separator. The specific gravity of the electrolyte should meet the requirements; the voltage of the battery should not be lower than the specified voltage, and the specific gravity of the electrolyte should not be lower than the specified specific gravity.

2. The high-voltage lithium electric forklift control system has the function of protecting the battery life: when the power supply on the meter shows undervoltage protection, it should be charged in time; each electrode connector should be cleaned and tightened; check that the electric forklift wire should be firmly connected and in good contact . Fuses and fuses should be intact and switches and handles should be in the stop position.

3. Close the emergency stop switch, open the electric lock, check whether the instruments, lights, horns, etc. are working properly; check the steering mechanism, which should be flexible and light; check the braking device, which should be flexible and reliable. Check whether the bearings and related operating parts are well lubricated and whether the movements are flexible.

Check whether the running parts and hydraulic system of the high-voltage lithium-ion forklift work normally, especially whether the hydraulic components, such as pipes, joints, hydraulic cylinders, distribution valves, etc., are leaking oil; check the forks, pressing mechanisms, lateral motion mechanisms, lifting chains, masts Wait. It works well and is reliable; when a fault is found, it should be eliminated in time, and the fault should not be taken out of the car. The following will introduce the advantages of high-voltage lithium battery forklifts.

1. High security. The customized lithium battery manufacturer for high-voltage lithium battery forklifts will add battery protection measures according to the environment of the lithium battery equipment you use or your requirements. For example, when used in humid, high temperature and other environments, protective measures will enhance protection against these conditions. Of course, basic charge and discharge protection, overcurrent protection, etc. will be provided.

2. The lithium battery capacity of the high-voltage lithium-ion forklift is related to the battery life, so long-term use of lithium battery equipment can increase the battery capacity without changing other requirements. Since the customization of lithium batteries is mainly industrial lithium batteries, the capacity cannot be customized too small.