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FLIFT Brand 1 Ton Order Picker With 4.5 Meter Lifting Height On Sale

Date: 2023-05-12 View:

 High Lever 1 Ton Order Picker With 4.5 Meter Lifting Height On Sale

Product Description
CXD 10 series electric order picker with maximum 1500 kg loading cpacity can reach to 3000-7000 mm height.
It helps you increase productivity in your warehouse while reducing the risk of injures.
With its heavy duty, stable mast and a large working platform,
the CXD10 order picker wil give your employees the safety they need to work efficienty.

Product Features
►Low gravity center provides good stability.
►Advanced electric steering technology(EPS) is humanized designed,
with automaic reset,height display and automatic deceleration at high lifting level.
►Finger tip control via joystick, stepleaa speed control for driving, lifting and lowering speed is adjustable.
►AC motor eliminates replacement of the carbon brush,
provides good ramp starting performance and regenerative breaking functions.
►High performance multi-function instrument has LED light and display function.

Order Picker

Order Picker with 4.5 meter Lifting Height

Product Parameter

Model CXD10-45
Rated Capacity 1000 kg
Load Center 450 mm
Dynamic Type Fully Electric
Operation Type Man Mount
Overall Weight 2600 kg
Driving Wheel 230*75 mm
Front Wheel 150*90 mm
Auxiliary Wheel 130*55
Lifting Height 4260 mm
Max. Fork lifting height 4860 mm
Overall Length 2830 mm
Overall Width 1160 mm
Mast Lowered Height 2310 mm
Mast Extended Height(with backrest) 6510 mm
Overhead Guard Height 2250 mm
Min.Ground Clearance 50 mm
Min.height of operating table from ground 240 mm
Auxiliary Lifting Height 600(optional) mm
Max.height of operating table from ground 4500 mm
Fork size 920*100*40 mm
Fork outside width 680 mm
Turning Radius 1735 mm
Right-angle channel 3285
Driving Speed(full/no load) 4km/h/5km/h
Braking mode Electromagnetic
Driving motor 24V.1.6KW
Lifting motor 24V/3.0KW
Storage Battery 24V/360Ah
Lifting Speed(Full/no load) 115/100 mm/s
Descend Speed(Full/no load) 125/200 mm/s
Gradeability 0%

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