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Professional Electric Stacker 1.5 Ton 2.5m 3.5m Long Fork Lifting Stacker for Sale

Date: 2022-08-22 View:

 Good Quality Multi-Function Stacker Hand Forklift 1000kg 1500kg 2000kg 2500kg Hydraulic Electric Lifter

Dual-purpose stacker truck with the functions of loading and unloading and short-distance transportation of goods; suitable for loading and unloading of goods in workshops, warehouses, stations, etc.; with the characteristics of stable lifting, labor-saving, flexible rotation and easy operation; it is an ideal tool for reducing labor intensity, improving work efficiency and achieving safe handling;

The stacker has a rigorous structure, fine workmanship and beautiful appearance.
The steel fork with integral stamping is beautiful and durable.
The surface is all treated with baking paint and the plastic shell is formed by injection moulding.
Accept non-standard customization (fork length, width, machine height, leg length, width, etc.).

Good Looking Appearence,Strong Stucture;
Emergency Button For Safety;
Easy To Operate;
Motor Cover;
Long Life Rechargeable Batteries;
Strong mast material ensure high capacity;
The rising height and load can be changed as required by the customers;
Different types of forks are optional;
There are complete safety equipments and their technical performance has reached the advanced level as the international product.

Product Parameters

Load Capacity kg 1500
Lift Height mm 3000
Wheelbase mm 1151
Overall Dimension(L*W) mm 1730*800
Mast unraise/raise Height mm 2630/3750
Fork Dimension mm 1080*140*60
Min. Ground Clearance mm 5
Turning Radius mm 1410
Self Wight(with battery) kg 620