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Best selling FLIFT 3.5 ton 4-wheel electric forklift with imported electrical controller

Date: 2023-05-04 View:

Best selling FLIFT 3.5 ton 4-wheel electric forklift with imported electrical controller 

3.5 Ton 4-wheel Electric Forklift

Power Type
Rated Capacity 3500 kg
Load Centre 500 mm
Lift Height 3000 mm
Front Overhang 480 mm
Ground Clearance 120 mm
Length to face of fork 2560 mm
Overall Width 1230 mm
Mast Lowered Height 2120 mm
Mast Extended Height 4160 mm
Overhead Guard Height 2250 mm
Turning Radius 2315 mm
Min. insecting aisle 2425 mm
Wheel Base 1710 mm
Service Weight 5350 kg
Drive Motor 15 kw
Lift Motor 12 kw
Voltage/Capacity 80V/550Ah
Controller(Manufacturer) Inmotion
Controller(Type) AC
Product Details
1.Eco-friendly tires and pneumatic tires:We have eco-friendly tires and pneumatic tires,
eco-friendly tires can effectively reduce exhaust emissions, and pneumatic tires can reduce the feeling of bumps.

Eco-friendly tires 

pneumatic tires
2.Customized services:We can provide customized service, customers can customize mast, forks,
logos and other things according to their own requirements

customized logo

3.Comfortable Operating Space: Ergonomic full-scale operation space layout optimization,
which offers operator excellent, comfortable and convenient operating experience.

4.Battery( 80V/550Ah):better driving and climbing performance, larger torque, more powerful output.