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1.5 Ton Electric Pallet Stacker With High Quality And Low Price On Sale

Date: 2023-05-10 View:

Best Choose 1.5 Ton Electric Pallet Stacker With High Quality And Low Price On Sale

Product Parameter

Model CDD15B
Dynamic Type Storage Battery
Operation Type Walking handle type
Rated Capacity 1500 kg
Load Centre 500 mm
Installation grade&form(GB5184) 2A
Tyre mode PU
Tyre size(Front) 210*85
Tyre size(Driving wheel) 230*75 mm
Tyre sixe(universal wheel) 130*55 mm
Numbers of tires 2/1X+2
Mast mode 2 stages
Standard Lifting Height 2500 mm
Mast Lowered Height 1830 mm
Mast Exended Height(with backrest) 3485 mm
Min. Ground Clearance 70 mm
Overall length(Pedal extended/retracted) 3200/2795 mm
Wheel Base 1300 mm
Front Overhang 145 mm
Overall Width( Front/Rear) 990/900 mm
Tread(Front/Rear) 895/684 mm
Fork Size 1070*100*35
Aisle Width(Pedal extended/retracted) 3510/3095 mm
Turning Radius(Pedal extended/ retracted) 2010/1595 mm
Driving Speed(Fll Load/no load) 4.0/5.0 km/h
Lifting Speed(Full load/no load) 77/150 mm/s
Descend speed(Full load/ no load) 200/105 mm/s
Driving Motor capacity 1.5 kw
Lifting Motor capacity 3 kw
Storage Battery 24/210 Ah
Battery Weight 200 kg
Overall Weight( with battery) 1885 kg
Steering Type Electronic Steering
Parking brake type Electronic brake
Battery Replacement mode Lifting
Gradeability(S2-5) Full/no load 5%/8%
Mast Tile Angle 3°/5°

Product Feature
(1)Product standard
►Stronger climbing ability
►High strength leg and fork
►High strength channel steel mast
►big capacity lithium battery
►On board lithium battery charger
►Multi-function handle
►Narrow aisle operation handle
Powerful lifting pump
(2) Product Safety
►Drive speedless, safety, silence
►controller with multi-protection system
►Emergency reverse collision avoidance