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10 Ton Battery Forklift Electric Lithium Forklift Fb100 with Low Price for Sale

Date: 2022-08-16 View:

 Electric Forklift 3t 3.5t 8t 10t 12t Lithium Battery Forklift Truck AC Motor and Solid Tire

1.Advanced dual motor driving and dual pump power system, compact structure, better driving and climbing performance,lager torque, more powerful output.
2.Original imported world famous brand controller, after professional adjustment, walking and upgrade control precision and efficiency
3.Configuration two sets high-capacity battery, standard automatic replenishment system;
4. The battery with side take out layout design, easy, convenient and safe for battery replacement.
5.Two battery sink-type layout innovation design in the middle of chassis which gives the driver excellent rear view.

1. Reach function: Fork can extend 580mm
2. Fork can tilt forward / backward for safer load handling.
3. Regenerative braking function
4. AC electronic controller
5. Battery side extraction: The side gate and the battery cover are openable. Battery can be removed from the side, making it very convenient to replace and maintain batteries.
6. Emergency reversing device in the handle provides improved operating safety.
7. Emergency power disconnect switch.
8. Braking applied with handle upright and horizontal position, increasing the safety of the truck.
9. Built-in pressure relief valve protects the trucks from overloads, increases the reliability.

Product Parameter

Model   FB100
Power Type   Electric
Rated Capacity kg 10000
Fork Size mm 1520*180*100
Ground Overhang mm 210
Length to face of fork mm 4480
Overall Width mm 2270
Mast Lowered Height mm 2810
Mast Extended Height mm 4550
Overhead Guard Height mm 2650
Service Weight kg 16910


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