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Big Promotion Diesel Forklift Truck 8 ton Diesel FD80 Forklifts for sale

Date: 2022-08-04 View:


China Manufacture 4 Wheel 8 Ton Diesel Forklifts, Factory Price Heavy Duty Outdoor Handing Lifting Forklift Trucks

1.It adopts full hydraulic steering device, with small turning radius, light and flexible steering, safe and reliable
2.Low position instrument frame and wide view mast design make driver's vision wider, improving the work efficiency and operating safety.
3.Emissions in line with the latest environmental standards, energy-saving shock absorption, noise reduction technology leading domestic, low noise, small vibration, energy saving and environmental protection
4.The smaller front suspension design can effectively reduce the front axle load in full load state, and greatly improve the service life of front tires and drive axle.

1, Black smoke purification device. Effectively protect the environment. 
2, Larger operation space.Optimized steering wheel, operating handle and pedals.
3, Air cleaner with safety filter and electronic pressure alarm not only ensures engine air intake amount but also improve forklift safety, reliability and durability. 
4, Standard powered braking system offers quick-respond brake and effective brake; high capacity bag type accumulator with good performance improves forklift reliability.

Rated capacity kg 8000
Lift height mm 3000
Fork size mm 1220*150*70
Ground clearance(bottom of mast) mm 200
Length to face of fork mm 3560
Overall width mm 2010
Mast lowered height mm 2500
Mast extended height mm 4415
Overall guard height mm 2470
Service weight kg 10350