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16 ton heavy duty powered diesel forklift heavy forklift truck and customized color

Date: 2022-08-04 View:


16T Diesel Forklift Truck With 16000kg Load Capacity Heavy Industry Forklift With Closed Cabin And Joysticks

1. Full automatic stepless speed adjustable electric controlled transmission gear box guarantee the forklift with superior travel and track performance. 
2. New type engine with super power has features of good performance,low fuel consumption,enough power reservation,EPA standard displacement level. 
3. Advanced hydraulic system ,2-speed lifting system can automatically adjust its lifting speed according to the goods weight ,electric controlled valve can work safety and efficiently. 
4. Eqiupment with heavy-duty driving axle with big bearing capacity and enhanced oil-cooled braking system, increase the reliabillgy and durability.

1.Comfortable: The smaller steering wheel, extra space for foot and operator space, wider forward visibility, all these improve operator’s comfort and release operator’s fatigue.
2.Maintenance: Easy access to engine and transmission due to applied bolt type fastened front plate, greatly improving the convenience of daily maintenance and repair.
3.Reliability: Enlarged cross section of rear top cover improves the air intake capacity, and reduces air intake resistance, which makes internal combustion more complete and prolongs engine life.
4.Imported brand controller, professional adjustment, accurate data control during forklift walking, excellent performance. 
5.Load sensing full hydraulic steering system, light, low noise, more labor-saving.

Model   FD160
Power Type   Diesel
Rated Capacity kg 16000
Load Centre mm 600
Lift Height mm 3000
Fork Size mm 1820*200*90
Ground Clearance (Bottom of mast) mm 255
Length to face of fork(Without fork) mm 4960
Overall Width mm 2490
Mast Lowered Height mm 3170
Service Weight kg 20500