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Professional Lifting Equipment Diesel Forklift FDS100 SideLoader Forklift with Lift Height 3m

Date: 2022-08-25 View:

High Quality Side Loader Forklift FDS100 Hydraulic Transmission Rated Capacity 10ton with CE Certification

The gantry, hoisting mechanism and forks of the side-mounted forklift are located in the middle of the forklift and can be moved along the lateral rails. The forks are located on the side of the forklift, and there is a cargo platform on the side. When the fork rises along the gantry to a height greater than the cargo platform, the gantry retracts along the guide rails, lowers the fork, and the cargo is placed on the cargo platform of the forklift. The gantry and forks of the side-mounted forklift are on one side of the body. The car body enters the channel, the forks face the shelf or the stack, and the loading and unloading operation does not need to turn before the operation.

There are two main features of side forklift operation:
①In the process of entering and leaving the warehouse, the car body enters the channel, and the fork faces the shelf or cargo stack. When loading and unloading, it is no longer necessary to turn and then work. This feature makes the side forklift suitable for narrow aisle operations;

②It is beneficial to the special strip-shaped long-sized goods, because the long-sized goods are parallel to the car body and are not limited by the width of the aisle. Pneumatic tires are generally used for outdoor work, and solid tires are generally used for indoor work. The side forklift can handle long goods at a relatively fast speed, with a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tons, a maximum lifting height of 3 meters, and a maximum speed of 30 km/h.

Product Parameters
Power type
Rated capacity kg 10000
Load center mm 600
Lift height mm 3600
Fork size  L*W*T mm 1220x175x85
Mast tilt angle  F/R Deg 6°/6°
Front overhang(wheel center to fork face) mm 800
Ground clearance(bottom of mast) mm 160
Overall dimension L*W*T mm 6250x2620x3240
platform width mm 1800


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