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CE Certification Battery Forklift FB80 Rated Capacity 8ton Electric Forklift with Load Center 500mm

Date: 2022-08-30 View:

Professional Warehouse Lifting Equipment FB80 Rated Capacity 8ton Battery Forklift with AC Motor

Excellent Mast View
Equipped with optimized design whole view mast, piping on both external sides, provide excellent front view for drivers.Two battery sink-type layout innovation design in the middle of chassis which gives the driver excellent rear view.

Efficient Driving System
Advanced dual motor driving and dual pump power system, compact structure, better driving and climbing performance,lager torque, more powerful output.
>German original imported KESSLER (Kessler) axle box integrated high-performance drive system;
>Italy imported DCASPPA low noise gear pump;
>Maintenance-free multi-disc wet braking system, full hydraulic power braking, equipped with excellent large-capacity bladder accumulator, excellent performance in driving and emergency braking;
>German original imported DSCHABMULER (Shaber Muller) maintenance-free AC motor, strong torque, energy saving and high efficiency.

Comfortable Driving Space
Ergonomic driving layout design which create a good,comfortable and convenient operating experience for the drivers.
>Tilt cylinder sinking design:
>Inclination adjustable small diameter steering wheel.

Product Parameters
Power Type
Rated Capacity kg 8000
Load Centre mm 600
Lift Height mm 3000
Fork Size mm 1220*150*70
Mast Tilt Angle Deg 6°/10°
Front Overhang (Wheel Center to fork face) mm 650
Tread mm 1650/1700
Ground Clearance (Bottom of mast) mm 160
Fork Spread mm 300/2000
Length to face of fork(Without fork) mm 3680
Overall Width mm 2200
Mast Lowered Height mm 2600
Mast Extended Height(With backrest) mm 4550


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