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Summarize the five benefits of electric forklift truck

Date: 2022-08-19 View:

Summarize the five benefits of electric forklift truck

Environmental protection consciousness
Electric forklifts produce zero emissions. If you choose green electricity, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Even after your forklift reaches the end of its useful life, you can minimize its environmental impact; Lead-acid batteries are mostly made up of lead, which can be recycled, and lithium-ion batteries are the top product in the electric category because they are 30% more energy efficient than lead-acid batteries and last three to four times longer. If your country has decided to restrict or ban the use of internal combustion forklifts, then electric forklifts are the best for you. But "emission-free" not only means that your external environment benefits, you will also create a healthier and more cost-effective working environment inside your warehouse.
1.No more exhaust or other toxic gases,
2.No need for ventilation, thus reducing heating costs
3.Lower energy costs because these energy efficient forklifts only consume as much energy as they really need.
90% of our electric forklifts can also use fuel cells, which is a more environmentally friendly energy solution if they use green hydrogen. When choosing a fuel cell, your operation can reduce emissions because a hydrogen-powered forklift emits only heat and water.

Manufactured for safety performance
Due to technological developments, electric forklifts have an enhanced regenerative braking system to improve safety. Make sure that if your operator steps away from the throttle, the forklift will stop immediately. We have also optimized the control software so that all operators of all types can handle their forklifts in a rapid and precise manner. You don't lose time refueling; Lithium-ion-powered electric forklifts can charge when you have time, such as during your lunch break.

Quieter operation
Electric forklifts are very quiet, especially compared to diesel locomotives! When driving an electric forklift, you can hear two types of noise: tires moving on the ground and alarms when you back up. By reducing noise in the warehouse, it will become easier for other operators and pedestrians to hear other important workplace sounds, such as alarms from other machines, a forklift that honks to warn them, or a colleague to tell them about their next urgent task. A quiet forklift is not only good for your workplace safety and communication, it's also good for your operator's health. Loud noises are distracting; They can cause headaches, tension, and fatigue to your operator. Long-term exposure to noise can even cause hearing damage or loss. Electric forklifts are gentle on the ears and the health of your warehouse staff. Our new design has the driver in mind. A fully floating cab gives your driver an unobstructed view of their surroundings while protecting them from noise and vibration for optimal comfort.

Reduce operating costs
While the initial cost of lithium-ion forklifts may seem higher, in the long run your accounting department and warehouse will thank you for choosing these electric forklifts over internal combustion (diesel and LPG) forklifts, as you will have.
1.Lower operating, maintenance, and service costs because they have fewer parts (such as no coolant or engine oil) and generally require less service
2.Install charging stations, but electricity is much cheaper than fuel.
3.More space, as lithium-ion forklifts do not require separate charging rooms and ventilation equipment.
4.More budget available for your core activities
5.More time for forklift use (as they require less service and maintenance)

Ideal for all types of applications
If a full-size forklift is too big for you, a compact model may be appropriate. The compact and 3-wheeled models in our electric forklift are perfect for navigating narrow hallways and tight Spaces; They have a small chassis and a compact turning radius that improves maneuverability. As a result, electric forklifts can really maximize space and efficiency while maintaining power in challenging warehouses.
Unlike engine-driven machines, electric forklifts are rugged and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The days of electric material handling solutions with less power or resistance than their diesel or LPG counterparts are long gone. In fact, electric forklifts can handle very heavy loads and almost all types of materials.