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4 - Drive Off-Road Forklift, Choose Pneumatic Tire Or Solid Tire

Date: 2022-08-18 View:

4 - Drive Off-Road Forklift, Choose Pneumatic Tire Or Solid Tire

Many customers in the purchase of off-road forklift, will consider the configuration of solid tires or pneumatic tires. We believe that the choice of solid tires for off-road forklifts will be better.

Good performance, improve efficiency
Compared with the traditional forklift truck, the off-road forklift truck has high chassis, sufficient power and large size. It generally works in the harsh environment such as outdoor field, and the forklift truck has the hidden danger of tire puncture in the bearing operation. The tire rest of the solid tire is made of all rubber, and the tire has strong wear resistance. The solid tires of off-road forklift truck bear the same load with small deformation, good operation stability, without inflation, penetration resistance and wear resistance, which greatly enhance the working time, avoid repairing tires and changing tires to delay labor, and improve the utilization rate and work efficiency of off-road forklift truck. In low speed and efficient vehicles, the solid tires of off-road forklifts are superior. 

Reasonable structure and strong practicability
The solid tire of off-road forklift truck adopts advanced three-stage structure design, and three kinds of rubber materials effectively ensure the overall efficiency of the tire. Strong rigidity, strength of the base of the rubber with steel ring support, so that the tire stiffness is full, tire and rim more tight, solve the problem of solid tire sliding ring. The middle rubber is full of elasticity, which can effectively absorb the vibration produced by the operation of the off-road forklift truck, and bring good comfort and drivability to the forklift truck driver, and avoid the damage to the forklift truck while absorbing the shock. The tread rubber layer is thickened to fully ensure the tear and wear resistance of the tire and improve the service life of the tire.

Advanced technology, excellent formula
Solid tire production has more than half a century of history, rich experience, advanced technology, rubber formulations are designed to maximize the use of tire performance, the heat generated by the tires at run time and temperature to a minimum, to improve the heat resistance of the tire, so as to solve the solid tire for warming may cause swelling, slip ring, burst, etc. The advanced design reduces the rolling resistance of solid tires, and the rolling resistance coefficient of solid tires is comparable to that of pneumatic tires, which solves the resistance problem and improves the efficiency.

High safety factor
When the forklift is running at high speed, if the pneumatic tire hits the hole or other obstacles, serious extrusion deformation may be formed between the obstacle and the rim flange of the pneumatic tire, resulting in the rupture of the tire cord, and the air inside the tire is jacked up from the broken line to form a bulge. May cause tire impact and rupture, instantaneous complete deflated and vehicle out of control accident, seriously affect the safety of production. Relatively solid tire puncture resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance and the advantages of long life, higher safety, in the off-road forklift tire matching is a must with high.
The tire is an important component of the off-road forklift truck, which plays a vital role in the safety performance of the forklift truck, so we suggest that the off-road forklift truck must be installed solid tires.

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