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FLIFT Brand Strongly Launches New Energy Lithium Battery Forklift

Date: 2022-08-18 View:

In recent years, driven by the national environmental New Deal of "energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection", "oil to electricity" has been the general trend. China Henan Jingcheng Xiandai forklift truck combined with the characteristics of forklift truck use, their mature technology in the development and production of new energy special vehicles transplanted to the new energy lithium electric forklift truck, to explore the lithium electric new energy to replace the traditional internal combustion engine forklift production solutions.

1, stable and reliable casting drive axle, steering axle, overall strength improvement
2, the door frame drop buffer effectively reduces the load drop impact, more stable and safe
3, intelligent interface display simple and intuitive various performance, at a glance, can display the fault code

4, luxury seat (suspension) driver leaves the seat, the vehicle does not work, to ensure the safety of people and cars, seat shock absorption and packaging effect is good, driving more comfortable
5, energy saving and environmental protection charge 2 hours, 8 hours of battery life, super long battery life
6, electric control system and lithium battery maintenance-free permanent magnet motor, protection class IP54, maintenance-free; Lithium battery charging with use, no need to add steam water, etc., dimensionless (iron battery, small shape, does not occupy space, the interface can display real-time temperature, electricity, voltage and other charging information)

7, working environment -30℃ to 60
8, climbing capacity full load climbing slope can reach 15 degrees
9, the overall quality, simple structure generous
10, leather durable high strength internal combustion balance heavy car body

11, the air cooling system intelligent control fan, prevent overheat protection caused by forklift shutdown
12, protection grade IP65 protection, can achieve the same working conditions as internal combustion forklift
13. Can be customized according to customer needs

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