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How should forklift be maintained? Is it worth collecting

Date: 2022-08-16 View:

 How should forklift be maintained? Is it worth collecting

Forklift maintenance:
Daily maintenance of forklift trucks is a necessary process for continuous use of forklifts.
To make the forklift work normally and reliably, give full play to the potential capacity of forklift, there should be regular maintenance measures. Daily maintenance should be carried out every day, which can extend the service life of forklifts.

Daily maintenance
1.Clean the soil and dirt on the forklift truck. The key parts are: cargo fork rack and door rack guide rails, generator and starter, battery electrode fork column, water tank and air filter.
2.check the fastening situation of each part, the focus is: cargo fork support, lifting chain tightening screws, wheel screws, wheel fixing pin, brake, steering screw.
3.Check the reliability and flexibility of the steering gear.
4.check the leakage situation, the focus is: the pipe joint, diesel tank, oil tank, brake pump, lifting cylinder, tilt cylinder, water tank, water pump, engine oil pan, torque converter, transmission, drive axle, main reducer, hydraulic steering device, steering cylinder.
5.tire pressure inspection: insufficient should be supplemented to the specified value, confirm no air leakage. Check the tire ground and side for damage, and the rim for deformation.
6.brake fluid, water inspection: check whether the brake fluid is in the scale range, and check whether the brake pipeline is mixed with air. When adding brake fluid, prevent dust and water from mixing. When adding water to the tank, use clean tap water, if the use of antifreeze, should be filled with the same antifreeze. When the water temperature is higher than 70°C, do not open the tank cover. When opening the cover, pad a thin cloth and do not wear gloves on the lid.

7.engine oil quantity, hydraulic oil, electrolyte inspection: first pull out the oil ruler, wipe the ruler, insert and pull out to check whether the oil level is between the two scale lines. The oil level in the oil tank should be between two calibration lines; Too little oil will mix air into the pipe, too much will spill out of the cover. Battery electrolyte should also be in between the upper and lower scale lines, insufficient to add steam to the top line.
8.brake pedal, micro pedal, clutch pedal, hand brake inspection: step on each pedal, check whether there is abnormal retardation or blockage. The force of the hand brake handle should be less than 300N to ensure the safety and reliability of the hand brake.
9.belt, horn, lights, instruments and other inspections: check whether the belt tightness is in line with the provisions, no adjustment allowance or damage has cracks, must be replaced; Horn, light, instrument should be normal and effective.
10.put the oil filter sediment.

Whole vehicle lubrication
New forklift or stop working for a long time after the forklift truck, to get started with two weeks, for bearings should be lubricated, when the lubrication, should use the new oil out all Chen oil and lubrication two or more times, at the same time we should pay attention to the following points:
1. the lubricating oil should be removed before cover, oil plug, and the dirt of nozzle, lest dirt falling into internal agency.
2.When injecting lubricant with grease gun, the lubricant should be squeezed until the parts of each component are combined to extrude the lubricant. summer or winter should be replaced with seasonal lubricants (oil, etc.).

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