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How to choose the right forklift for you?

Date: 2022-08-16 View:

 As an indispensable equipment for material handling, there are many brands and models of forklifts to choose from, but there are some small questions about choosing a suitable forklift.

Question one
How much tonnage should you choose?
The weight of a single stack of goods and the number of pallets handled at a time determine the load capacity of the forklift. In addition, according to the daily throughput of the operation area, the handling capacity of the selected forklift and the number of forklifts should be determined. Generally speaking, large-tonnage forklifts are often used in heavy-duty industries such as terminals and container operations, coal mines, aviation, heavy machinery, petrochemical gas energy, and iron and steel smelting. Forklifts with a small tonnage of 33.5 tons are often used in industries such as stone, logistics, and workshops that handle lighter goods indoors.

Question two
Is it better to choose a pneumatic tire or a solid tire?
The ground condition of the forklift operation determines the type of forklift tires and even the type of forklift truck used. For example, vehicles working in cold storages need to be equipped with patterned polyurethane wheels if the ground is wet and slippery.

Question three
How long should the fork be?
The type and size of the pallet determines the size of the fork. For example, the European standard pallets are commonly used for 800x1200mm and 1000x1200mm, and the length of the pallet truck fork usually used is 1150mm. Some special forms of goods also need to be equipped with accessories, such as paper roll handling needs to be equipped with paper roll clamps, bottled fragile goods need to be equipped with load stabilizers, etc.

The above are the key points when choosing a forklift.