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The LPG status of dual fuel forklift truck is not started properly

Date: 2022-08-22 View:

 The LPG status of dual fuel forklift truck is not started properly

Nissan engine starts normally in gasoline state, but it is difficult to start in LPG state.

1. Insufficient LPG gas in the cylinder;
2. LPG pipeline leakage;
3, pressure reducing valve damage;
4. The mixer plunger is stuck.
5. Insufficient vacuum signal.

The solution:
1. Check whether the gas in the LPG cylinder is sufficient;
2. After starting the engine in LPG state, spray the LPG pipeline connection with foam agent to check whether there is air leakage;
3. The internal diaphragm of the pressure reducing valve is damaged, which leads to the failure of normal decompression and makes the concentration of mixed gas too high, so that the engine is not good to start. The diaphragm can be opened to check the pressure reducing valve.
4. Due to the harsh working environment of some engines and large dust, dirty things with dust and sand particles are inhaled from the mixer under the running condition of the engine, which causes the internal piston of the mixer to run not smoothly or get stuck; The mixer is not working properly, so the engine is difficult to start, can be cleaned or replaced with a maintenance package;
5. The vacuum signal tube falls off and the filter cannot get the vacuum signal, so that the filter cannot be opened.