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Electric forklifts will become the first choice for forklift buyers

Date: 2022-08-15 View:

 Why are more and more people choosing to buy electric forklifts?

Over the past few years, people have noticed that their internal combustion forklifts are being replaced with electric forklifts. Industrial companies seem to have embraced electric energy solutions, and electric forklifts have become very efficient, powerful and performant. They handle heavy loads easily, are versatile, and they give your operation the opportunity to organize material handling in an environmentally friendly way (if you choose green power). Let's zoom in on some of the benefits of electric forklifts and explain them in more detail.

Environmental awareness
Electric forklifts produce zero emissions. That's right: no. Therefore, if you choose green electricity, you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Even after your forklift's best years, you can minimize its impact on the environment; lead-acid batteries are mostly composed of lead, which is recyclable, and lithium-ion batteries are the top of the line in the electric class because They are 30% more energy efficient than lead-acid batteries and last 3 to 4 times longer.
If your country has decided to restrict or ban the use of internal combustion forklifts, then electric forklifts are the best for you. But "emission free" not only means that your external environment benefits, you will also create a healthier and more cost-effective work environment within your warehouse.

Reduce operating costs
While the initial cost of lithium-ion forklifts may seem higher, in the long run, your accounting department and warehouse will thank you for choosing these electric forklifts over internal combustion (diesel and LPG) forklifts because you will.
Lower operating, maintenance and service costs because they have fewer parts (e.g. no coolant or engine oil) and generally require fewer
Install charging stations, but electricity is much cheaper than fuel.
· More space, because lithium-ion forklifts do not require separate charging compartments and ventilation equipment.
More time for forklift usage (as they require less service and maintenance)

Quieter operation
Electric forklifts are very quiet, especially compared to diesel locomotives! A quiet forklift is not only good for your workplace safety and communication, but also for the health of your operators. Loud noises can be distracting; they can cause headaches, stress and fatigue for your operators. Long-term exposure to noise can even lead to hearing damage or loss. Electric forklifts are gentle on the ears, ears and the health of your warehouse employees.

So, now you know that electric forklifts have a lot of benefits. Not only are they more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but they can also save you a lot of cost and space. Whether you have a small operation or a very large operation, now is the perfect time to switch to a fully electric forklift. Why don't you take a look at our range of electric forklifts?

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