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The role of forklift! There were so many benefits to using a forklift

Date: 2022-08-15 View:

 The role of forklift! There were so many benefits to using a forklift

Now the factory, logistics in the handling of goods or stacked goods and many other places will use forklifts, so what is a forklift in the end? Forklift, as the name suggests we can learn something from its literal meaning. Forklifts are used for loading, unloading, stacking or short distance handling of pallet goods (note that short distance handling, because the speed of forklifts is very slow) or industrial vehicles for heavy goods handling. Is a kind of horizontal transport and vertical lifting of the effective combination of loading and unloading machinery, loading and unloading, lifting and transportation comprehensive functions, with high efficiency, convenient operation and use, flexible and other advantages, the role of forklift is very big, forklift is also particularly widely used.

So, what are the main benefits of using forklifts?

1.Improve material operation efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and improve working conditions; Save labor and improve labor productivity; According to the economic benefit analysis of forklift truck, a forklift truck can replace the manual labor of 8~15 stevedores. Forklift operation, only rely on the driver's operation can make the goods loading and unloading, stacking and handling process of mechanization, without the need for loading and unloading of auxiliary labor workers, this not only ensures the safety in production, and the amount of labor greatly reduced, the labor intensity is greatly reduced, greatly improve work efficiency, economic benefit is significant.

2.Shorten operation time and speed up material turnover, thus accelerating the utilization rate of vehicles and ships and improving production efficiency.

3.Make full use of the space and save the warehouse area. The use of forklift truck operation, the goods can be piled higher, up to 10m at present, the warehouse volume sluice rate can be increased several times. 

4.Use pallets and containers to hold the goods, simplify the packaging of goods, save packaging and use, reduce loading and unloading costs, improve operational efficiency and safety of goods.

5.The use of forklift operation, can relieve the heavy labor, reduce cargo damage and personnel injury accidents, improve the safety of operation.

6.Forklift operation can reduce the damage of goods, improve the safety of operation, and achieve safe loading and unloading.

7.Forklift operation has the advantages of low cost and less investment compared with large loading and unloading machinery operation. Therefore, in the logistics handling operations should be the first choice of fork.

Use of forklift

The standardization and versatility of the forklift is very high, widely used in factories and mines, warehouse, station, port, airport, freight yard, distribution centers and other places, and can enter the cabin, car, and the container, the pieces and trays, containers, packaging container parts such as loading and unloading, stacking, crib, short-distance transport operations, is the tray transportation, container transportation will not be Less equipment.

The main work equipment of forklift truck is cargo fork. After replacing other work equipment, it can also be used for loading and unloading of bulk goods, non-packed goods, long pieces of goods and short distance handling operations. Forklift is very widely used, it is not only widely used in highway transport, railway transport, waterway transport departments, but also in material storage and transportation, postal and military departments have applications.

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