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2.5ton Electric Reach Stacker with 6m Lifting Height

Date: 2023-05-05 View:

 FLIFT 2.5ton Electric Reach Stacker with 6m Lifting Height
(Lithum battery series)   

What is the advantage of a reach stacker?

The electric reach stacker own the more smaller turning radius which could working in the coantainer
and lower space warehouse,
especially used for the narrow aisle, another advantage is mast lifting height could be customized as demand.
now we had developed the 3ton electric reach stacker with 10m height.  Forklift Mast type: 3 stages mast.
china electric reahch stacker manufacturer choose our FLFIT brand.
The 2.5 electric reach stacker owns the more bigger battery capacity,

Electric reach stacker forklift battery capacity: 25.6v/200V,  (lithium battery)

It can work for 5 hours.  single-phase 220 volts 60 HzIt only takes 2 hours for fully charged.

The electric reach stacker also could be customized as demand 

Seated Full Electric Battery Operated Electric Reach Stacker
China Reach Stacker manufacturer

Four sets of 2.5ton electric reach stacker will be deliverying to USA markert,
Reach stacker for sale usa, 
improve warehouse productivity with our FLIFT brand high quality reach stacker.

Being loaded into the 40OT,  two 2.5T reach stacker side by side 


Forks with spare parts  and  forklfit chargers ,


Four units  of 2.5ton lithium electric reach stacker nameplates information