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FLIFT 30 Ton Electric Forklift With Lithium-ion Battery On Sale

Date: 2023-05-16 View:

 Hot Sale FLIFT 30 Ton Electric Forklift With Lithium-ion Battery

Product Features
►Save on energy bills:
30% more energy-efficient and charge 8 times faster than lead-acid batteries.
with rising diesel costs, lithium forklifts make more sense than diesel forklifts than ever before.
►Longer battery life:Last 2-4 times longer than lead acid batteries.
►Zero downtime:No need to be swapped out and can be opportunity-charged during operator breaks.
►Zero battery maintenance: No maintenance or watering required
►Highetr productivity: Longer run times and no decline in performance as the battery discharges.
►Zero hazards: No emission of harmful fumes or CO2.
No risk of acid spills, with 70-80% fewer batteries to dispose of over time.
►More real estate: reclaim the area used as charging room for additional storage.

Product Details

Lithium-ion Battery

Fork(accept customized)

Tires(air tires)

Cabin(closed cabin)