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3 Wheel Electric Forklift Lithium Battery 1600kg 1800kg 2000kg Curtis Controller

Date: 2022-08-18 View:

China 1.6 Ton 1.8 Ton 2 Ton Lithium Electric Three Wheel Forklift Pallet Truck Warehouse

The FB18S electric forklift is designed with 3 fulcrum, and the load capacity ranges from 1.3 tons to 2 tons. Using 48V alternating current technology, front wheel dual motor drive, driving motor and hydraulic motor are AC motor, the selection of efficient and reliable Curtis controller, preset four power modes; All system standard wet disc brake, used to isolate pollutants, no brake wear, no corrosion problems, greatly improve performance, but also greatly reduce maintenance costs, prolong component life. Similarly, FB18S electric forklift is designed for easy operation and easy maintenance, even if there is no computer, diagnostic instrument and other special tools on site, it is also easy to maintain. At the same time, a variety of front-end equipment can be selected to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

1.Adopting dynamic load sensing priority steering system, more quickly steering, smaller turning radius, more flexible driving performance.
2.Ergonomic full-scale operation space layout which give the operator a good, comfortable and convenient operating experience.
3.Advanced dual motor driving system, compact structure, better driving and climbing performance, larger torque, more powerful output.

Product parameters

Model   FB18S
Power type   Electric
Rated capacity kg 1800
Load centre mm 500
Lifting height mm 3000
Fork size mm 920*120*35
Service weight kg 3200
Length to face of fork(Without fork) mm 2090
Overall Width mm 1100
Overall Guard Height mm 2055
Wheel Base mm 1460


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