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Supply Man-up Mounted 3-way Stacker For Sale

Date: 2023-05-25 View:

FLIFT Brand Man-up Mounted 3-way Stacker On Sale 

Product Description

3-way pallet stacker forks can rotate 180°
and do left-right side shift without body turning,
► High strength mast design. Min. net channel: 1500mm;
►The main lifting height is 8.5 meters, the secondary lifting height is 1.7 meters,
and the total lifting height is 10.2 meters.
►The 3-way pallet stacker can improve space utilization
and increase the storage capacity.
►Advanced Curtis controller and more stable, safer whole-AC system
for high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Product Parameter
Product name 3-way Electric Stacker(Man-up Turrent Type)
Model Series MCC16-80
Maximum liftinf weight 1600 kg
Auxliary Lifting height 1700 mm
Load Center  600 mm
Main Lifting Height 8000 mm
Total Lifting Height 9700 mm
The Maximum Height of Mast When Lifting 10630 mm
Drive Style Seated/stand up
Tire Configuration PU
Power Type Lead-acid battery
Fork Size 1200*125*50 mm
Fork outer distance 260-725 mm
Vehicle width b1/b2 1244/1502 mm
Mast minimum ground clearance  45 mm
Mast closed height 5415 mm
Free Lift Height /
Vehicle weight 7850 kg
Turning radius 2235 mm
Stacking Aisle width 1650 mm
Maximum driving speed 10/10 km/h
Rising speed 320/320 mm/s
Side moving speed 200/200 mm/s
Parking Brake Mode Electromagnetic brake
Steering Electronic steering
Voltage/Power 80V/560Ah
Drive Motor 8 Kw 
Lifting Motor 21 Kw
How to replace the battery Side-pull type
Main Aisle width ≥(4080+400) mm
Vehicle length (including fork) 3690 mm
Tire size Load-bearing side Φ380×192
Tire Size Drive Side Φ400×160

Product Details