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Some Way For Avoiding Forklift Damage To Pallets

Date: 2023-05-30 View:

Five Tips For Avoiding Forklift Damage To Pallets 

Damaged pallets reduce productivity and increase costs,and are often caused by forklifts.
The cost of the pallets and their repairs increases over time, affecting the profit.
While they can be damaged in many different ways, improper handling of forklifts ia a common cause.
Fortunately, with careful handling and intensive training, many cases of damage to pallets can be avoided.

1: Use the tray space correctly

When not properly spaced, the teeth can hit the strings, causing damage and impairing the performance of the pallet.
Ensuring that the forked teeth do not affect the middle or outer tray support will make your tray last a lot longer.
Using a tray with beveled stringers reduces this problem as it helps guide the fork teeth into the tray. 

2: Spread the fork out before lifting

Before lifting the pallet, the teeth of forklift should be placed as far apart as possible to spread the load.
If the forklift has a fork positioner, the teeth can be unfolded after entering the pallet.
If the tooth pitch has to be done by hand, it should be spread before entering the pallet.
Proper spacing makes the pallet and load more stable and reduces the pressure exerted on the pallet.

3: With highly visible colored forked teeth

Coloring the top and tip of the teeth helps the forklift driver see them better through the pallet.
In addition, if damage occurs, it is especially possible to rub the tray or product and help identify the cause of the damage.
It would be much easier to identify the forklift and the operator involved if each forklift was used in a different color.

4: Stack the pallets evenly

The pallets should be evenly stacked. Just as you have to make sure that the weight of the product
is properly divided on the pallets,you have to make sure that the pallets are square and lined up together
when stacking.This prevents the uneven weight of some parts of the pallet.
Centralized and square pallet stacks also prevent pallets from tipping over and falling, a major safety hazard.

5:Organize your warehouse

The floor should be clean and free of debris. The forklift shook and bounced as it ran over chips and other debris.
Not only does this expose your driver to potential risk, but it also puts the pallet under sudden stress
when it bounces off the teeth.Bouncing also puts pallets and their products at risk of falling, which can cause injury to workers