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Forklift Position Management System

Date: 2023-06-20 View:

 Knowledge of Forklift Position Management System

With its advantages of compact body, flexible movement,
light weight and good environmental protection,
forklifts have been widely used in the material distribution,
warehousing, assembly and other links of the factory.
However, forklifts are prone to management confusion during use,
resulting in hidden accidents and high maintenance costs,
which is another important for factories to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Based on the characteristics of high-precision positioning
and strong anti-interference of UWB positioning system,
the forklift position management system solution
solves the practical problems of forklift management in factories:
it is planned to build a multi-directional management
of forklift location service and task order allocation,
realize high-precision positioning and tracking of forklifts,

historical trajectory query, balanced task allocation,
operation evaluation and statistics, and rectify event control,
so as to effectively extend the service life of forklifts,
redeuce hidden dangers in the use of forklifts,
carry out loading and unloading and distribution in an orderly and efficeient manner,
maintain a good working environment in the workshop,

and reduce facrory management and operation and maintenance
costs to provide a strong guarantee.

The system consists of three layers: device perception layer,
network transport layer, location application layer and business logic layer.
The overall tasks of each layer are as follows:

1: Device awareness layer:

composed of tags and base stations, to obtain tag positioning signals,
locate device working status and alarm status:

2: Network transmission layer:

composed of wired and wireless communication networks,
to realize the timing coordination of positioning system,
positioning signals, coordinate positions, equipment information,
alarm information, configuration information uoload and release.

3: Location application and forklift business logic layer:

mainly managed by various basic information,
label location solving, forklift task list generation and push.
Alarm business processing, multi-means query and effect
display of real-time and historical location information of forklifts,
alarm information processing and other functions.
It consists of sofeware and hardware including user-facing background servers,
terminal software, and visual intelligent terminal devices,
and provides related service interfaces to further
expand to more third-party management software and cloud platforms.