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Several Common Faults of Diesel Engines

Date: 2023-06-13 View:

 Reasons For Diesel Engine Failure

It can be seen from the working principle of the engine
that the fuel system should be timed, quantiatively injected into the cylinder
and should ensure the atomization quality to make the fuel burn well.
The working quality of the fuel system is concentrated in the injection time,
injection amount and atomization quality. If the fuel system is faulty,
it is difficult to guarantee the time, quantity and zeroing quality
of the injection of human fuel into the cylinder,
thus making it difficult for the engine to start.
The most common phenomenon is that the exhaust pipe is smokeless
(most of them are fuel-free), that is, there is no warning of starting.
The reasons are mainly analyzed in the following aspects:

1.Cause of low-pressure oil circuits(insufficient oil supply)

There is no oil or insufficient oil storage in the fuel tank,
the oil pipe is cracker and the intake air is damaged, the connection is loose,
the fuel filter and relief valve are blocked in the fuel intake, and the filter screen is blocked.

►The tank switch is open or the air hole in the tank cap is blocked.

►The pipeline between the fuel tank and the fuel injection pump is blocked.

► There is a leakage part in the pipeline between the oil tank and the oil pump,
so that air enters the oil circuit.

►The diesel engine filter or oil transfer pump filter is blocked.

►The fuel injection pump relief valve is not sealed.

►Water has been leaked into the oil circuit or the wrong diesel fuel grade used.

2.It is due to the high-pressure oil circuit

The oil injection pump plunger is too worn and the internal leakage is large,
so that the oil supply cannot meet the needs of stating;

►The oil volume adjustment mechanism of the fuel injection pump is stuck,
so that the plunger cannot rotate or the amount of rotation is too small;

►The oil outlet valve is poorly sealed,
resulting in no oil supply or insufficient oil supply;

►The injector needle valve is deposited or sintered and cannot be opened.

►The opening pressure of the injector needle valve is adjusted too high.

►Clogged injector nozzle holes.

►There is air in the high-pressure oil pipe or its loose joints.

►Low injection pressure and poor vibration of fuel injection,
multi-layer injection nozzle needle valve jamming,
fuel injection nozzle adjustment spring breakage,etc.

3. Other reasons

The timing of fuel injection is not accurate.
The reasons for this include wear of the pusher roller and cam,
damage to the fuel injection pump drive and improper adjustment.

►The low-temperature starting pre-actuator fails,
and the temperature in the cylinder of the diesel engine is too low;

►Premature or late fuel supply.

►The compression pressure of the cylinder is too low,
and the temperature and pressure at the end of compression
cannot reach the temperature at witch the diesel spontaneou
sly ignites.

►The cylinder does not aspirate or is seriously under-intake.
The reasons for this include severe clogged air filters,
blocked exhaust pipes and large valve clearance.