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Several common failure problems of forklifts

Date: 2023-06-07 View:

 Troubleshooting methods for forklifts

When the diesel engine of the forklift cannot be started,
a failure may occur, which requires us to find the cause of the failure and how to eliminate these faults.

1: Failure of the oil supply system

(1) There is gas in the fuel system
Elimination method: use the oil pump to remove the air in the system,
and check whether the system has air leakage.

(2) There is blockage in the fuel system
Elimination method: disassembly and cleaning

(3) The oil transfer pump does not supply oil or intermittently
Elimination method: Check the repair

(4) Poor fuel injection of the fuel injection pump
Elimination method: Check the condition of the injector spray

(5) The intake damper is not open or the cut-off handle is in the oil-off position
Elimination method: open the recent damper or put the oil cut-off handle in the oil supply position

2: Lack of pressure

(1) The piston rings are worn
Elimination method:replace the piston ring

(2) Piston rings are cemented
Elimination method: remove the gel

(3) Valve leakage
Elimination method: valve spring broken or elastic force decreased,
improper valve clearance, valve cone sealing is not tight, do corresponding treatment

3: Failure of the electrical system

(1) The battery is not powered
Elimination method: Recharge to meet the specified requirements

(2) Poor electrical system wiring
Elimination method: Check whether the wiring is correct and secure

(3) The starter brush is in poor contact with the commutator
Elimination method: repair or replace the brush and tidy the surface
of the flow with fine sandpaper to blow off the dust

(4) The starter clutch plate has insufficient torque and slips
Elimination method: add spacers and adjust

(5) The starter gear cannot be embedded in the flywheel ring gear
Elimination method: Find out the cause and deal with it