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Summer Battery Maintenance

Date: 2023-07-26 View:

 Precautions For Using Batteries In Summer

In summer, the weather is hot, and the water in the battery
fluid of the lead-acid battery evaporates faster, and the battery is prone to water shortage.
Lack of water will cause dry burning and irreversible vulcanization of the battery pack,
which will seriously shorten the service life of the battery pack,
so it is a good habit to check the liquid level of the monomer regularly,
but you can also have more choices.

1: The work of adding water to maintain lead-acid batteries is not a simple matter.
But the emergence of smart water guns makes this task more efficient and convenient.
This tool solves the inaccuracy, overfilling or under filling of manual water additions.
Add water with one button, and the water full sensor will automatically stop,
eliminating the need for cumbersome manual control.

2:Forklift battery automatic water replenishment system
is specially designed to solve the problem of uneven filling of forklift
lead-acid batteries when replenishing distilled water.
In the past, users had to manually check the battery fluid level
and add distilled water, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive,
and could easily lead to shortened battery life.

3:Now, the automatic water replenishment system
can automatically complete the liquid filling task to ensure
that the liquid level of each battery cell is balanced.
Users can directly operate and add water to ensure
the safety of rehydration and avoid safety problems.
Forklift battery automatic replenishment system is a modern, intelligent,
safe and reliable battery replenishment solution,
which brings great convenience to users' maintenance work.

(1)It is recommended to replenish water at the end of battery charging,
when the electrolyte volume expands the most.

(2) Regularly observe and measure the height of the electrolyte liquid level,
and the liquid level should be kept within the specified standard range,
not too low or too high.

(3) After replenishing the water,
the liquid level of the battery electrolyte must not exceed the upper limit,
otherwise it is easy to cause the electrolyte to overflow during charging,
cause the loss of sulfuric acid, corrode the box, and pollute the environment.

(4) If the liquid level is too low,
the electrolyte will be exposed on the battery plate,
and the contact with air will cause the plate to oxidize.
The specific gravity of the electrolyte is too high,
which will accelerate the corrosion
of the plate and seriously affect the service life.