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Precautions For Buying a Forklift

Date: 2023-07-03 View:

 Questions To Consider When Buying a Forklift

Forklifts are used more and more widely in our daily life,
When we choosing a forklift, we mainly have to consider the following factors.

1: Operating environment

This is the first consideration when purchasing a forklift,
whether it is operated outdoors or indoors.
If the forklift is used outside the warehouse,
choose a gas, liquid oil or diesel powered internal combustion model forklift:
If the forklift mainly works outdoors in a cold environment,
then a gasoline-powered forklift is the most resonable choice.
It is worth nothing that diesel forkliftd should always be kept in service,
and the engine cannot always stall:
If the user starts the forklift every few minutes,
it will damage the forklift;
It is also recommended that diesel forklifts be regularly oiled.
The outdoor environment not only determines
the choice of internal combustion engine,
but also the type of tires used.
Pneumatic tires are suitable for rough and uneven ground;
pneumatic-free tires are suitable for flat
and hard outdoors floors and most indoor applications.

2: Indoor storage truck

For indoor handling, such as in warehouses,
electric forklifts are more advantageous.
Compared with internal combustion forklifts,
its main advantages are low noise and no pollution.
Although electric forklifts are more expensive than internal combustion forklifts,
they have lower operating costs.
The main reason why electric forklifts
save money is that they do not require fuel,
nor do they need to change oil and parts such as plugs and sockets.

3:Select the forklift model

The most important factor in choosing a forklift is to consider
its application and the actual situation of the warehouse,
if the forklift is used to load and unload trailers,
then front-wheel drive, sit-on counterbalance forklift is more suitable.
If the forklift is used to shuttle loading and unloading goods to a trailer,
one factor to consider is the issue of "free lift" that is,
the fork can be raised without raising the mast.

4: Capacity

 Factors that must be considered when purchasing a forklift.
It is recommended to purchase a forklift truck with a larger capacity than usual.
When purchasing a forklift that handles combustible or dangerous materials,
the user must check its safety level.
If the forklift is marked with E, ignition may occur;
if the forklift is marked with EE recognition,
it is equipped with more safety devices,
the safest level is EX indicating that such forklifts
do not have metal parts that trigger ignition.
In short, diesel forklifts are safer than other EX forklifts,
and diesel forklifts designed for safety are marked with DX recognition.

5: Price PK Efficiency

Forklift price is only one factor,
and the ability to spare parts and maintenance services
is as important as the vehicle price itself.
Users are advised to consider the full cost of the forklift"lifetime",
not just the purchase price.
Therefore, users should consider the efficiency of forklifts,
the support of manufacturers,
and the number of forklifts needed in the future.
For savy users, both long-term and short-term benefits should be taken into account.