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China supplier FLIFT heavy duty 15-18 ton diesel forklift

Date: 2024-01-23 View:

 China supplier FLIFT heavy duty 15-18 ton diesel forklift


Features of 15-18 ton diesel forklift

High Efficiency Cooling System

The cooling system has an excellent heat-radiation performance to ensure the high-intensity operation in some hot districts.

Optimization design on the cooling channel with another air outlet on the lower counter-weight,
and air fluid science design on the upper counter-weight.
The hood rear tuyere is designed as shutter type wind guide scrambling structure to
mostly improve the fan efficiency.

The cooling assembly is compromised of 3 individual cooling module with
stacking type layout but not anteroposterior stack.
It has a better air premeability with low dust to ensure
the long term normal working of the cooling system.

Convenient Maintenance

The CAN vehicle diagnostic system, engine ECU and transmission TCU controlling system
can get rid of some simple problems.
The error code will be shown on the screen to fast and easily recognize the error information for
fast maintenance and repair to shorten the maintenance period.

Reasonble structure, the wide-angle tip-over cab and gull wing type hood ensures
the more convenient and faster maintenance job on the power system.

Openable electric cabinet design is apparent to the eyes with a integrated electrical parts layout
which improves the convenience of the electrical parts maintenance.