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 My company strictly accordance with the ISO9001 quality service system for management, guarantee good product quality , according to the state machinery industry JB / T2391-94 standards, since the machine sold, the ‘’three guarantees” for whole truck is six months,for foreign customers,our product warranty period is twelve months.

Our company implements a full range of services to users, starting from fully meeting the needs of our customers, and meticulously serve our customers, has established a complete set of pre-sale, sales and after-sale service system, including complete machine sales, spare parts supply, Packaging service, technical advice, personnel training and so on. Solve the user's worries for the future is my company's purpose. To this end, we have set up a dedicated after-sales service network to ensure the timely and effective supply of the "Three Guarantees" services and spare parts through the information network we have established throughout Henan. We also carry out quality tracking service for large users, that is, in addition to delivery on-site inspection, testing services since three days after the car being sold, "Three Guarantees" period from time to time to send someone on-site tracking service so timely Exclude users in the process of using some of the potential failures, to ensure that users well using the truck. For foreign customers, we can undertake the cost of repairing in the guarantee period,also can support overseas service if necessary.

In order to ensure the after-sale and after-sales service timeliness, our company is equipped with sufficient spare parts, in case of problems, after receiving the user response, within 1 hour to make a reply, under normal circumstances within 4 hours of service in place. After the warranty period, our company will still provide users with timely and quality service.