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2 ton 2.5 ton internal combustion counterbalanced diesel forklift with automatic transmission wholesale price

Date: 2024-03-25 View:

 2 ton internal combustion counterbalanced
diesel forklift with automatic transmission

Features of internal combustion
counterbalanced diesel forklift

High strength overguard

The overhead guard adopts the high strength steel sheet
to press molding, providing more

sophisticated security for the driver, it can also prevent wind and rain.

High Performance Hydraulic System

Load sensing priority steering hydraulic system design,
fexible steering,mast lift speed increased by 20%.

The tilting cylinder, lifting cylinder and steering cylinder are
equipped with imported oil seals as standard.

The lifting cylinder is equipped with a descending
buffer function as standard.

Rellable Lifting System

Wide view mast design, ensure the driver has an excellent view. 
which makes loading and unloading operations more secure and efficient.

High-strength alloy channel steel (20MnSiv) has a performance
improvement of 20% compared to ordinary mast channel steel.

The 3 stage full free mast has a back-mounted pipeline design
and has the same field of view as a 3 stage mast.

The main side rollers are independently designed.

Varity Kinds Ofopitions

In addition to conventional mechanical and hydraulic gearboxes,
Japanese original suspension gearboxes can be provided.

It can provide diesel, gasoline, LPG, LNG and CNG fuel power.

The steering axle can choose a steel plate welded axle
or an integrated cast axle.

Comfortable driving space

All accessories like engine, gear box are support by domestic and
world famous brand, high quality, reliable after-sales.

Large opening iron stamping machine cover (opening angle up to 70%),
built-in heat and sound insulation molded lining.

The large open anti-slip pedal makes it easier and safer
for operators to get on and off the vehicle.

Instrument panel covering is available as an option.