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2.5 ton all rough terrain forklift with electronic switching handle vertical exhaust

Date: 2024-02-29 View:

 2.5 ton all rough terrain forklift with
electronic switching handle vertical exhaust

Features of 2.5-3.5 ton rough terrrain forklift

Full suspension overhead guard

Equipped with full suspension overhead guard, effectively reduce
the vibration and noise from the road and the engine.

Vertical exhaust

Stanadrd equiped with vertical exhaust.
Special designed exhaust vent with anti-water drop funciton.

Deep pattern vacuum tire

Large size deep pattern off-road vacuum tire with
excellent off-road capability and shock absorption performance.

High ground clearance

275mm high ground clearance, excellent pass ability.

Anti-slip boarding pedal

Anti-slip boarding pedal safe and reliable.

Electronic gearshift handle

The vehicle adopts an electronic gearshift handle and knob-type
control, which makes the gear switching operation more convenient.

Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive only need
to be switched by electronic switch.

Combination dashboard, which can display
vehicle data and diagnostic information.

Easy maintenance

Easily maintain to the integrated electrical
control box, battery, and air filter.

Efficient lighting system

Working lights, warning lights, blue lights, car LED
can be optional as the efficient lighting system.